Meet the Characters

Jaxon and Zoie are a brother and sister dog duo that are more like two peas in a pod than anything. Both adopted from Amish farms in Pennsylvania, they currently live a relaxing dog lifestyle in the Gulf Coast of Florida's Panhandle with their Mom, Stephanie, and Dad, Jeff.

This is Zoie, half of the Jaxon and Zoie duo. She is a 10 year old dachshund, also known as Stinky, Stink, Monkey, and Beautiful.

She loves being dirty, hot weather and sunbathing, playing ball, being cuddled and receiving kisses, and treats.

She dislikes green beans, rain, having to wake up early, and clean laundry.

She is the spunky, outgoing half of the duo, protecting her brother Jaxon from dust bunnies, big dogs, and the vet. She loves hard, but enjoys being loved on even more.


This is Jaxon, the other half of the Jaxon and Zoie duo. He is an 8 year old chocolate lab, also known as Bubba, Bubby Boy, and Handsome.

He loves swimming and playing ball, anything food related, giving kisses, and getting brushed.

He dislikes anyone else getting attention, being alone, and the doorbell ringing.

Jaxon is the loyal and timid half, always running around trying to get Zoie to play. He warms up to new people in his own time, but he loves hard once you’re in his crew.